I love to write and sometimes it is under my real name, other times it’s under a whimsical pen name. More recently, I’ve been behind-the-scenes, either for work or so I can develop my fiction writing and storytelling.

My words

The May issue of One Thousand Words [about photography] has a piece by me: ‘A dark and perplexing age’.

My fiction

One of my stories, called ‘Empty’ was accepted and published online as part of the 2015 Lit Bulb Festival.

My somewhat scientific scribblings

some of the articles written as part of my volunteer work for RiAus

Of late…

More of my writing of late has been for projects not as suited to sharing here. There are still a couple of tidbits:

2012 in science

2011 in science

E-learning visions

some of the articles written while working with the future thinking Vanguard Visions

How bright the cookie crumbled

some of the articles written while working with the education tech gurus at Brightcookie

Note: we’re heading back into the distant, dim past with some of these, so currency is not assured.