A side-view of Rosalie Wodecki, looking at a very reflective salt lake and cloud-filled sky After years writing creatively online under whimsical pen names, I set up this blog under my own name. It contains a freewheeling range of blog articles and a little storehouse for a couple of my stories. The first one to go in was Empty, as that was part of the 2015 Lit Bulb festival. Like the rest of the world, I’m writing a book, but one day I hope for that to be in print, so you aren’t likely to find it here.

This blog is the home for my voice, whether it’s blogging or storytelling, or a bit of both. The important bit though is that this is my voice and my thoughts. It’s purely for me and my opinions.  I’m the writer and the editor, so I’m responsible for the lot.

Of course, I’ve written for others under my real name, as Rosalie at Brightcookie and Vanguard Visions, and Rose (the volunteer) at RiAus. For those keen to read more, I’ve collected a small bundle of some of these scribblings. I also write as self-employed ‘me’.

But what do I write about? I’m fascinated by pretty much everything. I love books and words, science, art, photography and fiction. I’m a humanitarian who loves technology, so I’m fascinated by what lies at the crossroads. I’ve discovered that I’m not the only person who listens podcasts, so I’ve started a little series about my podlikes.

Beyond my own peculiar interests, I am a passionate believer in the right to education and the need for widespread communication of knowledge, especially to those disengaged from the usual formal pathways. Ease of access to knowledge is part of gaining the most basic human rights.

On a less personal front, I have qualifications in project management and creative photography, and I’ve written and worked in websites for a very long time. The last few years, I’ve specialised in writing in plain English. I’ve worked in a quite ridiculous variety of roles, including in the health care, forensic medicine, primary industries, research, and education sectors.  But that’s work ‘me’ and if you need to know about that, you can always sneak a peek at LinkedIn.