What’s that about?

The reason I have ‘three corner jack’ for my website domain is quite simple: it’s an Australian phrase and I like it.

The three corner jack (Emex Australis) is:

“…originally from South Africa. It was intentionally imported into Western Australia (WA) in 1830 as a vegetable (Cape spinach). Once in Australia, it rapidly spread so that it now occurs throughout Australia’s southern-temperate regions. It is an annual weed…”.

Searching in Google for Emex australis is probably the best way to find out more about the weed and how to control it.

The phrase ‘three corner jack’ has been used in a number of ways, as names of bands, as a way to say ‘I’m from here’, and as the name of a book. The book, as it happens, is by Rex Brereton and is titled Three Corner Jack: A Collection of Country Characters . A copy resides in my ‘library’ at home. It is a photo journey through country South Australia, making a photo record of SA’s country characters.