Bibelots: a place for the curious.

Are you curious of heart? Does your mind yearn for more? Then, welcome. This is a place for the curious: a place for you.

What are bibelots?

The word ‘bibelot’ is defined by the Australian Macquarie Dictionary as:

A small object of curiosity, beauty, or rarity.

In addition to this meaning, it’s a band, a shop, someone else’s blog and at one point it was a literary anthology. It has been and continues to be everything. So, no need to decide what this blog is about.

However, I’ve also seen it defined, by the wondrous phrontistery,  as a:

trinket; miniature book of elegant design

So, like it or not, I better make sure I write about books. Oh, the trials of being me. Let’s face it, for a woman brimming with curiosity, be it books, words, art, photography, science or a blend of the many, bibelots was a natural home.